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[Review] Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Spray Moisturizer

vaseline intensive care spray moisturizer review

I’m one of those people that own a hundred body moisturizers but rarely moisturize because I find it to be too much of an effort. Any excuse you can think of, I’ve made it. So when I heard that Vaseline had come out with a spray moisturizer, I was pretty keen on trying it because it sounded like the ultimate solution to all the #lazygirl problems that I was experiencing.

Product description from the Vaseline website:

Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Cocoa Radiant™ Spray Moisturizer is a quick-absorbing and convenient spray lotion. Our continuous spray is designed for easy application and even all-over coverage. The unique formula is infused with micro-droplets of Vaseline® Jelly and leaves skin soft, not greasy or sticky. Use immediately post shower or any time your skin feels dry.

After using the Vaseline Intensive Care spray for three weeks, I can safely say that it does everything that it claims to do: it absorbs quick, it provides even coverage and it leaves the skin feeling moisturized without feeling sticky.

This moisturizer is super easy to use, all I do when I step out of the shower is hold down on the nozzle and spray. The product gives an even application and the consistency of the product is light in texture. Because it’s being sprayed on, it’s a lot easier to reach those difficult areas like my back or behind my knees. My favourite thing about this product is how fast it absorbs, it only takes a few seconds so there’s no waiting around for the moisuturizer to dry on your skin before putting your pants on. Score!

When I first received this product, I was really curious about how it would compare to the normal Vaseline Intensive Care lotion Cocoa which is what I usually purchase. Scent wise, the two products are the exact same sweet cocoa smell. The lotion is a lot thicker, and therefore takes longer to absorb. The spray moisturizer on the other hand is lighter, absorbs quicker but is also slightly less moisturizing than the lotion. The spray version is a lot better if you’re pressed for time but if you have really really dry skin and in need of some serious hydration then I’d recommend the lotion.

For me, this product has been a complete game changer. I love how quick and fun moisturizing has become and I look forward to trying the other variations in this range.

The retail price of the Vaseline spray moisturizer is $9.99 and the product is also available in the following variants in Australia:

  • Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser Advanced Strength
  • Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser Aloe Soothe
  • Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser Dry Skin Repair

Have you tried this spray moisturizer? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

*Disclaimer: Product in this post was provided for consideration however all opinions are my own.

Cleansers On Rotation

Cleansers on rotation

Cleansing and makeup removal is an important part of my skin care routine, it’s the first thing I do when I get home from work because I love the feeling of smooth, clean and soft skin. Cleansing milks used to be my preferred product of choice for makeup removal, but recently I’ve ventured into the world of micellar water and cleansing oils.

review garnier micellar cleansing water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I bought this product last year when every blogger was raving on about it or comparing it to the Bioderma version. I didn’t know what to expect because it pretty much looked like ordinary water in a bottle. Fast forward six months, I’m absolutely in love with this cleanser!

The packaging is cute and simple, and has a flip top lid which makes dispensing the product on my cotton pads super easy. The product itself has a light scent to it, and feels light on the skin. It does a brilliant job of removing my makeup, one wipe is usually enough to get everything off. The only product I’ve found that it doesn’t work so well on is on waterproof mascara. My skin feels lovely after using this, it’s not drying at all and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on my face.

I’ve been using this for the last six months and still have a quarter bottle left, it’s good value for money especially considering that it sometimes goes on sale for 40-50% at Coles or Priceline. Will definitely be repurchasing this one!

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (400ml) retails for $12.99 in Australia.

review The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

I was pretty stoked to receive this from my mum because the oil cleansing method is another concept that kept popping up on my feed and I wanted to test if it was worth the hype. This website here provides some good information on the oil cleansing method if you’re unfamiliar with the concept.

The cleansing oil comes in a pump package which I’ve got to say isn’t the best thing about this product because it dispenses too much of product at times. Dispensing also gets a bit messy at times with the oil going everywhere. In addition, I’ve noticed that my bottle leaks.

The directions for this product are similiar to other cleansing oils: you massage the product onto dry skin, add some water to your skin to emulsify then rinse.

This product does an AMAZING job at removing makeup, it literally melts everything off and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. I love how well it removes eye makeup in particular.

This product is pricier than products that I’ve used in the past, so I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually purchase it for myself. However if you’re into oil cleansing, it’s cheaper than some of the other options out there so I would recommend it.

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (200ml) retails for $21.95 in Australia.

review Garnier Clean Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Milk

Garnier Clean Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Milk

I bought this from Chemist Warehouse last year and it’s not listed on their website anymore so I’m not sure if it’s actually still available for sale.

I apply this to cotton pads and then wipe off my makeup, it does a decent job removing makeup but I usually have to do a few swipes to get everything off. It also doesn’t seem to remove eye liner and some mascara’s very well. I like the consistency of this product, it’s creamy and a bit like a lotion. It does leave the skin a bit greasy after though, so I usually follow up with a face wash.

This is a gentle cleanser, best suited to those with dry or sensitive skin. From the three cleansers that I have on rotation at the moment, this is the one that I wouldn’t repurchase because there are better cleansers out there.

If you have any recommendations, I’d love to know in the comments below!

Fatima x

[Review] The Body Shop Tea Tree Range

The Body Shop tea tree range

Favourite products from The Body Shop tea tree range

Hi everyone!

I’ve been using some of the products from The Body Shop’s tea tree range for a while now, and because they’ve really been working for me, I had to share them on the blog.

Just some background on my skin, it’s normal and tends to go a bit on the dry side in Winter. I don’t have acne or a lot of pimples, but my skin tends to get the occassional pimple and blackhead at times. I also have a fair bit of blemishes/scarring from bad skin in my teenage years.

Tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser

I use this twice a day, once in the morning and the again in the evening after I’ve removed my makeup. The cleanser comes in a liquid form that converts into a foaming wash once it’s pumped out. One pump is usually sufficient. I absolutely LOVE this product, it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth. I’ve been using it for the last five months and it’s definitely improved my skin over time. The product doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry after I use it, and lathers perfectly. This is a holy grail product for me, I’ll definitely be repurchasing!

The only downside of this product is the price of it in Australia, it’s $17.95 but I paid around $7 for it from the Body Shop in South Africa. I blogged about my Body Shop South Africa haul last year in this post.

Tea tree blemish fade night lotion

As the bottle indicates, I use this at night after I used the foaming cleanser above. It’s a lightweight lotion which isn’t very moisturizing but left my skin feeling very refreshed and cleansed. Although it didn’t help reduce the blemishes or even past scarring, I did notice it brightening my skin a bit. I also like that the packaging is a simple pump bottle.

If you have dry skin I have a feeling that this product won’t work for you. Also, this product retails for around $20 which is a bit more than I’m used to paying! I’m not so sure if I’ll be repurchasing this.

Tea tree oil

I’ve gone through a few bottles of this simply because it gets rid of any pimples FAST! I dab a drop of my pimple before sleeping and leave the product to work its magic.

The bottle retails for around $9 at The Body Shop which I think is worth it because it lasts me around a year.

Overall thoughts

The tea tree range is one of the best ranges from The Body Shop in my opinion! I’m really looking forward to trying more products from this range.

What’s your favourite product from The Body Shop?

[Review] Top three face masks


Hi everyone!

I haven’t updated my blog in while because it’s financial year end at work and also our fasting month (Ramadaan) started three weeks ago so I’ve been focusing most of my time on that. I’m not studying any CA units this semester so things haven’t been too crazy and everything feels really awesome overall.

One of my favourite things to do when I have a bit of time is to light a scented candle, pick up a magazine and put a face mask on. It’s inexpensive, relaxing and it gives you healthy and amazing skin in a few minutes.

There are a variety of face masks on the market that target various skin concerns. I tend to go for masks that hydrate, brighten the skin or help with blemishes.

Here’s my top choices for face masks:

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Purifying Mask

I love this mask, it purifies while leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. It has a light and pleasant smell and gives this tingly/cooling sensation when first applied to the face. It’s easy to remove and doesn’t dry out my skin. The best part about this product is the price, it costs between $6 and $10 and lasts for ages. Score! ♥

The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask

This is the perfect mask for winter, it heats when applied to the skin and stays wet on the face. It’s super gentle on the skin and feels really luxurious so perfect for those pamper nights.

Proactiv Refining Mask

My all time favourite face mask! It’s not as gentle on the skin as the first two masks I mentioned but the visible difference to my face after using this mask is immediate. I usually reach for it when I have a break out or if my skin feels unhealthy. It has a strong sulfur smell which I don’t really mind and is probably one of the most effective spot treatments out there. Moisturizing after using this mask is a must for me 🙂

And that’s it from me! Let me know in the comments what face masks work for you.

Fatima x

[Review] The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

I picked up The Body Vitamin C Microdermabrasion a few months back when I was after something to brighten my skin. The Body Shop microdermabrasion was a product highly recommended by bloggers and even came with an impressive rating of 4.4/5 on Makeupalley.

Here’s what The Body Shop say about the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion:

Treat skin to a professional spa-inspired exfoliating facial once a week with our new and improved Microdermabrasion.

Removes dead skin cells
Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
Gives skin a brighter, more radiant look
Improves skin texture and tone

Microdermabrasion is a general term for the application of tiny rough grains to buff away the surface layer of skin. The Vitamin C microdermabrasion has a moisturizer type of consistency and is creamy with small fine beads to help scrub the skin. It has a fruity/citrus smell which is really refreshing. The product is really easy to use- just wet your face, gently massage on a few minutes, leave for a minute and then rinse. The texture feels like tiny grainy sand particles on my skin, a sensation I find oddly enjoyable.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion


Once I rinse the product off, my skin is super soft and smooth. It doesn’t leave my skin dry or tight so I don’t have to moisturise after if I don’t want to.  I have normal skin and didn’t break out or have any issues after using this product, but would advise people with sensitive skin to stay away.

Overall, I really enjoy using the product. It has a lovely texture, smell and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I didn’t notice any improvements to my skin texture and tone, and didn’t really see any brightening effects. I usually love The Body Shop products but this one was just okay- it’s just your average facial scrub and nothing extraordinary. I won’t be repurchasing it because I don’t feel like it’s worth the price, but I will definitely be checking out the rest of Vitamin C range.

The Body Shop Vitamin C microdermabrasion is priced at $32.50 and can be purchased from The Body Shop.

Fatima x

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub

[Review] Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub

I first came across this product last year when one of my favourite bloggers recommended it on her blog. She mentioned that it had helped fade marks on her face and had given her face an overall glow. I couldn’t find this product in Australia, and ended up picking it up as part of my South African Shopping Haul.

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub


Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub


My review

The Neutrogena Visibly Clear range is aimed at preventing acne and blemishes and unblocking pores so I bought this product hoping that it would reduce my breakouts and give me a brighter complexion.

The scrub itself is a medium-consistency gel, containing microbeads. I absolutely ADORE the scent, it’s refreshing and so good to smell in the morning when I’m half asleep. The micro beads in this scrub are tiny, making this scrub gentle enough to use on a daily basis.

I have dry to normal skin with the occasional breakout but my main skin care concern is the marks on my face.  After using this scrub for the last month, I have noticed a reduction in the amount of blemishes on my face. The product contains salicylic acid, which is a key ingredient in anti-acne treatments because it opens clogged pores, neutralizes bacteria within and prevents pores from clogging and allows new cells to grow. It does leave my skin with a fresh clean feel, as claimed on the package, but has not faded any of my dark spots unfortunately.

Another thing I found is that this scrub can leave my skin feeling slightly dry at times, so using a good moisturizer after is essential. For this reason, I have a feeling that this scrub would work much better on oily skin types.

Overall, I don’t feel like this scrub stands out from other drugstore products that I’ve tried in the past. That being said, I am really enjoying using it because it smells amazing and is doing what it claims to do:prevent blemishes. It comes at a good price, so I’ll definitely be looking at trying more products from the Neutrogena grapefruit range available in Australia.

Until next time,

Fatima xx