[Review] Victoria’s Secret In Paradise Gift Set

Victoria's Secret In Paradise Gift Set

Victoria’s Secret In Paradise Gift Set

A few months back, I visited the Victoria’s Secret store at Perth Domestic Airport and fell in love with the body mists. The Coconut Passion was my absolute favorite,  being the perfect mix of coconut and creamy vanilla. I thought I’d stop at VS again after my flight back but the store was closed, so I ended up purchasing this from Ozsale.

The In Paradise Gift Set features the body mists and lotions from three VS Secret Garden Collections. Love Spell is one of Victoria’s Secrets best sellers and is a lush combination of  peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine.  Pure Seduction is a seductive mix of melon, plum and freesia while Such A Flirt features fragrance notes of carambola (star fruit) and orchid.

Victoria's Secret In Paradise Gift Set


Victoria's Secret In Paradise Gift Set




The mini bottles are the cutest little things ever, I find the packaging so lovely and so much better than the average plastic mist bottle. The mini bottles make the body mists perfectly sized for carrying around during the day. I’ve been using my mists a fair bit and they barely look used so I think that they would last a long time.

All three fragrances in the gift set can be spritzed on for a lighter or heavier scent, depending on your preference. I recommend going lighter- the sprays are really sweet smelling so could be a bit overbearing for others if you go overboard. I spray mine in the morning and the scent is usually still lingering 3 to 4 hours later. Layering them over the matching body lotion also helps the scent to last longer.

I’m really loving the VS body mists, I find myself reaching for them on more relaxed days when wearing a perfume would be too heavy. The only issue I have with Victoria’s Secret is the availability ;unless I’m flying, I don’t really have access to the store at Perth Airport.

Victoria’s Secret sales comes up often on Ozsale but I won’t be buying from there again.  I placed the VS order and waited six weeks before being told that the Coconut Passion mist ordered was unavailable. I received my order (minus the Coconut Passion mist) a few weeks later only to find that the scents in the gift set were different from the ones advertised on the site. Overall, it was a really frustrating experience and their customer service was awful.

On the plus side, it looks like Victoria’s Secret is set to open in Sydney (based on a Vogue article). If that happens, we could possibly end up with a Perth store in the future 😉

Have you tried any of the VS products before? x

[Review] Mor Diamond Decadence Luxury Marshmallow Gift Set

A few months ago, I did a January sales haul post which included the Mor Diamond Decadence Luxury Marshmallow Gift Set. The gift set sat untouched on my bedside table for me to admire until March when I decided that it was time to actually start enjoying  the products ♥

Mor Diamond Decadence Marshmallow Gift Set

Mor Diamond Decadence Marshmallow Gift Set


For my readers overseas and those not familiar with the brand, Mor is an Australian brand which makes a variety of indulgent and luxurious goodies. Mor Cosmetics was born in 2001 when Mor’s founders were travelling around New Dehli in the back of a cab, discussing their new business idea and they spotted a street sign reading “Mor”, Hindi for Peacock.

The Diamond Decadence gift set contains:

  • 100ml Eau de Parfum.
  • 125ml Hand & Nail Cream.
  • 180g Soap Bar.



The fragrance

Marshmallow is collectively orchestrated with Vanilla Musk and Jasmine Flower that gloriously rapture in this pretty, feminine fragrance. Sugar dipped Rose petals with White Carnation and Cotton Candy play beautifully to create a deliciously sweet perfume.


Mor Marshmallow EDP 100 ml

Mor Marshmallow EDP 100 ml


My thoughts

I absolutely ADORE the marshmallow perfume, I love gourmand fragrances and this is perfect. It smells a lot like musk sticks and roses to me, I don’t get any of the vanilla and cotton candy traces at all. The EDP is sweet and feminine and lasts for 4-5 hours without fading. It’s a yummy scent, very soft yet distinctive at the same time.

The hand and nail cream contains cocoa & shea Butter, vitamin E & A, sesame seed and macadamia oils and sweet almond oil. All of which hydrate and nourish my skin, leaving it feeling super soft and moisturized.

I love layering the fragrance and the lotion, it makes the scent last longer. This is not my everyday fragrance but something I reach for when I want to dress up.

Overall, I highly recommend trying the Mor range if you love amazing smelling body butters, candles, lotions and perfumes. The packaging and quality of their products feels really luxurious, making it the ideal product to spoil yourself or a loved one with.

The gift set I reviewed can still be purchased from certain online retailers, I noted that Peter’s of Kensington, Coop and Ebay still had the item in stock. However I bought mine in store from Myer so can’t guarantee the quality of service/ products purchased from the retailers listed above.

Alternately, the Mor products can be bought individually from Myer and David Jones 🙂

Until next time,

Fatima x

[Review] Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember that I reviewed Wonderstruck Enchanted back in January. I love Wonderstruck Enchanted and couldn’t wait to add the original Wonderstruck perfume to my collection.

Wonderstruck was launched back in 2011 so it’s an old perfume. However if you love sweet smelling fragrances and have yet to try this one, keep reading this review (:


Perfume background

Wonderstruck is the first fragrance from the young American pop – country singerTaylor Swift, launched in cooperation with the cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden. The perfume is created by Olivier Gillotin of Givaudan.

Wonderstruck is named after the lyrics from the song “Enchanted”: “I’mwonderstruck, blushing all the way home,” which tell about the feeling and the impression you get when you first meet someone you like. Taylor hopes that her fragrance will be an essential part of many impressions and first meetings.


The packaging

The perfume comes in a gorgeous purple, round iridescent bottle. Around the golden bottle neck are three antique charms; a birdcage, a dove and a star. The bottle is perfect, I’m in love with it.


Fragrance notes

Top notes: Freesia, tea, blackberry, raspberry, apple blossom

Middle notes: Vanilla, honeysuckle, hibiscus

Base notes: Musk, sandalwood, amber, peach

My thoughts

This perfume smells fruity and sweet on initial spray, then evolves into a more delicious scent as the sweet vanilla and honeysuckle come through. After a few hours it just smells like vanilla, which is my absolute favorite.

This perfume is my current favourite. I found that it doesn’t last as long as Wonderstruck Enchanted, the smell of this one disappears after about six hours. I made a few of my family members test both Wonderstruck perfumes, my parents loved the Wonderstruck Enchanted while both my brothers preferred the original Wonderstruck. I have a hard time deciding, I love both and they’re extremely different. Wonderstruck is a more sweet and girly fragrance while Wonderstruck Enchanted in a more mature and delicious perfume. If you’re in Myer, test them out on those cards. I did that and was amazed at how different the scent smelled at the end of the week, compared to the first day I sprayed the cards.

Overall, I would recommend this perfume if you love sweet fragrances or if you want to spoil a young teenage girl. Myer always has some great offers on giftsets for this perfume, and Chemist Warehouse had it going for $30 (100 ml EDP) recently.

Have you tried Wonderstruck? What are your thoughts?

[Review] Hello Kitty Perfume Body Mists

Hi everyone! Today’s review is on the the Hello Kitty Perfume Body Mists in ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ and ‘Bubblegum’.



Bubblegum is a sweet fragrance that is strong but not too overpowering. For those readers that are familiar with the Hubba Bubba grape bubblegum, this smells EXACTLY like that.

Vanilla ice cream smells absolutely mouth watering, it’s the perfect mix of vanilla and caramel. It’s not as strong as the bubblegum scent, but equally as delicious!

The Hello Kitty body mists are perfect for those that love sweet smelling fragrances. I can’t resist anything in vanilla so I had to pick the vanilla one up. The bubblegum one makes me think of my younger days, it’s a fun scent and will definitely make you happy 🙂

Like all body mists, the longevity isn’t the best so the scent will last for one to two hours maximim. I usually pop one in my handbag to freshen up during the day.

The Hello Kitty body mists are available in five flavours:

  • Vanilla Ice cream
  • Bubblegum
  • Melon
  • Strawberry and cream
  • Musk sticks

I bought my body mists from Target for $4. The body mists are also available at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse. Definitely give these a try the next time you’re out, you’re bound to find one that you love! Until next time Fatima xx

[Review] Flash by Jimmy Choo



A few months ago I was lucky enough to receive the Flash by Jimmy Choo perfume from a friend. The perfume smelled gorgeous and it’s so luxurious that I save it for special days only 🙂

Flash is constructed as a fragrance which accentuates delicate white flower notes with a hint of spices and fruit. Top notes encompass passionate strawberry combined with tangerine and pink pepper adding exciting and cheerful note to white floral notes in the heart. The white bouquet is composed of tuberose, jasmine and white lily on a base of heliotrope and blond wood.

Aim of the creator was to introduce the unique accessory which will be as desirable as Jimmy Choo shoes or Jimmy Choo purse. The flacon is created to accentuate games of light and colored in pale purple color. Photos of the advertising campaign were taken by Steven Meisel, and advertising face of the new perfume is Natasha Poly Flash was launched in 2013.

The packaging

The perfume box is white in color and covered with fine glitter. The glitter is meant to represent a million paparazzi flashbulbs. The perfume comes in a beautiful crystal bottle which is embossed with studs. The bottle has a large crystal lid with silver lining and the perfume itself is lilac.

Fragrance notes

Top notes: Strawberry, pink pepper, tangerine

Middle notes: Tuberose, jasmine, white lily

Base notes: White wood, heliotrope

My thoughts

I would describe this scent as strong and floral. The perfume is feminine and makes me feel really sophisticated when I wear it 🙂 I adore the packaging and the way it’s meant to represent lights you would see in a night club or photo shoot.

If you love a floral and bold fragrance, definitely give Flash a try. It’s sweet without being sickening sweet and something different.

[Review] Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume by Taylor Swift

Today I have my first ever perfume review, which also happens to be the first perfume that I’ve ever purchased! I do wear perfume but over the years, I’ve received so many good ones as gifts that I’ve never had to buy one myself.

I absolutely ADORE anything vanilla and sweet scented, so when I read that this perfume has vanilla notes, I had to try it. The fragrance is beautiful and I fell in love immediately, it has a sweet smell without being sickeningly sweet and overbearing.


Perfume Background

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted Eau de Parfum Spray is the next chapter in the love story of the Wonderstruck fragrance. Enchanted represents the feeling of being deeply in love where butterflies and magic still exist. An irresistible blend of luscious wild berries and sugar-glazed petals are wrapped in a touch of sensuality for a captivating signature.

“Wonderstruck Enchanted is the next chapter in the story of my Wonderstruck fragrance. Wonderstruck is about that moment when you instantly feel a connection to someone, but then there’s that feeling of being completely enamored — enchanted — when you know a little more about that someone and still feel that strong connection,” – Taylor Swift

The packaging

The bottle is designed like the original, this time colored in crimson red with golden details. The bottle neck is adorned with charms that have an antique look to them.


Fragrance notes

Top notes: Berry, poppy, passion fruit

Middle notes: Peony, champaca, sugar, freesia

Base notes: White musk, blond woods, vanilla

My thoughts

I am in love with this perfume, it smells like berry mixed with vanilla. I had trouble deciding between the original Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted because both smell delicious and come in gorgeous packaging. I went with Wonderstruck Enchanted in the end because it’s a more complex scent and less sweet. I will be adding the original Wonderstruck to my collection one day though!

I highly recommend this perfume for those that love gourmand fragrances and the beautiful packaging would make this perfume an amazing gift.