[Review] Essence of Jasmine Soy Candles

Hi everyone!

My last post on this blog was almost SIX MONTHS ago which is ridiculously long but I do have a good reason. If you’re following me on social media you’ll know that I got married in December 🙂 It’s been super amazing so far but also extremely busy. With full time work, part time studying and newly married life, it really has been hard to fit time for blogging in.

Today I’m reviewing some of my favorite candles, purchased from a local flea market. I absolutely ADORE candles and am always looking to add new scents and brands to my collection. Essence of Jasmine are a Perth based company that sell soy candles, melts, luxury soaps and other beauty products.

Essence of Jasmine candles

Essence of Jasmine candles

Essence of Jasmine candles

Essence of Jasmine candles




Product description from the EOJ website:

The Essence of Jasmine  Soy Candle Collection will beautifully fill any room with long lasting aroma, and with many fragrances to choose from we are sure you will find a favourite.

All our Soy Candles & Melts are hand poured using 100% soy plant wax & blended with premium fragrance oils to provide the maximum scent throw possible.

Our lovely hand made  collection of candles not only look great but are a natural Australian made product.

I purchased candles in the scents below:

  • Tropical paradise
  • Vanilla slice
  • Blueberry muffin

These candles are gorgeous, and don’t need to be lit to enjoy the beautiful fragrances. From the three candles I picked up, blueberry muffin has the strongest scent. Vanilla Slice is more subtle, but still has a decent scent throw. Tropical paradise is also a really strong scent, and reminds me of being on an island holiday.

The candles have an added benefit of being a skin moisturizer. When lit, the candle forms a melted wax pool. This wax can then be applied to the skin. Be careful that the wax is not too hot though! I have only tried using this on my hands – it’s not greasy but is a bit rich and heavy so I would probably not consider using it on my face.

The candles are $20 and can be purchased from the EOJ website. I have had a really good experience with the candles, so will be buying their soaps next 🙂

Fatima xx




Hi lovelies! A few weeks ago I was approached by an online florist to trial and review their products. I was delighted to find out that they deliver flowers to Melbourne, Perth, and other metropolitan areas Australia wide. I adore flowers so was pretty excited to try them out.

Choosing the flowers I wanted was undoubtedly the most difficult part of doing this review- everything on their website looked gorgeous and I changed my mind multiple times over what I wanted to review. The website is incredibly user friendly, allowing the user to filter by occasion, price, flower and style. Most of their flowers are in the $50 to $70 range, although there are cheaper options available. The website also lets you enter your post code to check if they deliver to your area. As I stay further out from Perth city, Fresh Flowers* do not deliver to my area but I was able to get the flowers delivered to a family member who works at Curtin University. Weekday deliveries are made to business addresses by 5pm and to residential addresses by 7pm and incur a standard delivery fee of $10.

review fresh

Roses Mini Kisses: Picture taken on the day of delivery

I eventually decided on ‘Roses – Mini Kisses’ which retails for $69.95. Placing the order on their website was super easy, I liked that I could order as a guest without registering. That being said, signing up and being a member will get you a sweet 10% off your first order. Ordering the flowers only took about two minutes, I filled in my name, the person I was delivering the flowers to (address and details) and the message that I wanted on the card. I had the option of leaving special instructions in case the person that the flowers were being delivered to was unavailable. Fresh Flowers allow you to arrange for same day delivery for the major cities, as long as you order before 2pm on a weekday or 10am on a Saturday (they don’t deliver on Sundays and public holidays). You can also nominate what day you want it delivered if you don’t want same day delivery.

My flowers were delivered on a Friday afternoon at around 2 pm, the flowers were left at reception (as instructed if the person being delivered to was away). I was super impressed with the roses received, the packaging was beautiful and the color was a vibrant red. Most of the roses looked fresh and some of the buds were unopened, however there was also a few in the bouquet that looked slightly wilted/brown around the edges. This was only minor though, so didn’t bother me too much.

review fresh

Roses Mini Kisses: Red rose posy with black ribbon and hessian trim ($69.95)

review fresh

Red roses //day 2

review fresh

30 red roses // height 25 cm (Picture taken on day 2)

review fresh

Picture taken on day 2

I took care of my flowers according to the instructions on the Fresh Flowers website and they still looked gorgeous for about four days before the petals started shedding.

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the service from FreshFlowers. The bouquet was beautifully presented  and delivered in a courteous manner. This is definitely a service that I would recommend for birthdays and other special occasions. If you’re placing an order, you can also use discount code “FFCARD” to receive 20% off for a limited time 🙂

Until next time 🙂
Fatima x

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*Product featured in this post was kindly provided. As with all my posts, it is 100% honest and of my own personal opinion. For more information, visit my disclosure policy.

Tahaa Vanilla Caramel: The Best Candle Eve

Ramadaan Mubarak to all my Muslim followers and hope that the fasting month has been treating you well 🙂

Today I wanted to talk about my absolute favorite candle EVER which is the Tahaa Vanilla Caramel Triple Scented candle by Glasshouse Fragrances.


The candle has a full 5 star description on Beauty Heaven, and is described as below:

Glasshouse Tahaa Vanilla Caramel Triple Scented Candle combines fragrant notes of vanilla, fresh coconut and frankincense for a magical Polynesian island experience. The scented candle is handcrafted in Australia using pure wax and cotton wicks. It is non-toxic and lead free. The Glasshouse Tahaa Vanilla Caramel Triple Scented Candle is part of the gourmand fragrance family.

The candle, being triple scented, has three layers: pineapple (top), coconut (middle) and vanilla caramel (base). I first came across this candle at Peter Alexander, their store always smelled SO GOOD and I could never figure out why until I saw this candle burning in there one day. Tahaa has been on my wishlist since forever and I finally caved in and bought it when Adore Beauty had their 10% off sale a few months back.

My absolute favorite thing about this candle is that the scent fills my entire room even without being lit. The strength of the candle once lit is pretty spectacular, it fills more than one room in the house. I’m completely addicted to the delicious mix of  caramel/vanilla scent, it smells sweet and like desserts but not in an overly sickening sweet or cheap way.

The candle is a bit of a splurge (for me anyway) with the 350 g available for $39.95 and the 60 g for $18.95. The burn time for the big candle is around 80 hours though, and the quality is amazing. The candle is housed in a stylish and sturdy glass jar which I’ll definitely be reusing when the candle runs out.

Tahaa by Glasshouse is the ultimate indulgence, and the perfect way to get your room smelling scrumptious. I find it perfect for the cold winter days because it’s such a comforting smell to come home to.

What’s your favorite candle? x

[Picture Heavy] My trip to South Africa!

I hope that everyone has been having an amazing February! I recently spent a month in South Africa, the weather was gorgeous and it was fantastic spending time with family and old friends again. I ate lots of good food (too much in fact), relaxed and took advantage of the strong Aussie dollar by squeezing in some shopping.


Makeup haul featuring MAC, Estee Lauder and Maybelline ♥

Makeup haul featuring MAC, Estee Lauder and Maybelline ♥

Body Shop haul!

Body Shop haul!

Estee Lauder was around the same price as in Australia, but I picked up the foundation because they stock my shade in Australia. I actually had no idea that they did a compact concealer, it’s probably the first product that I’ve purchased without doing heaps of research first! And I picked up the mascara for around $38 because it came with a free liner and eye cream.

MAC was considerably cheaper, the lipsticks worked out to $20 each. I weep thinking at what I paid for my Studio Fix foundation at Myer last year!

Lastly no haul is complete without The Body Shop! I already had a Body Shop stash at home so just purchased a few shower gels.

I’ve been wanting to try Maybelline’s rocket masacara for ages, but it hasn’t been available here. I’m a huge fan of Maybelline mascara’s so looking forward to trialling it soon 🙂

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[Review] The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils

Body Shop home fragrance oils

Review: The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils

Body Shop home fragrance oils

Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils pictured: mandarin & tangelo, strawberry, pomegranate & raspberry, white musk

Hi guys!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I’ve mentioned my love for scented candles a few hundred times 🙂 Today I’m reviewing The Body Shop home fragrance oils which are another way to have your place smelling absolutely amazing.

The Body Shop fragrance oils are available in a variety of scents and come in a stylish 10ml glass bottle with a safety cap. As you only use a few drops at a time, one bottle will last  a while . The Body Shop Australia stock some of home oils during the Christmas period, I picked up the ‘Ginger Sparkle’, ‘Cranberry Joy’ and “Vanilla Bliss’ oils (not pictured) in January on sale for $5 each. The rest of the home fragrance oils (pictured)  were purchased from eBay and overseas for around $8- $10 each.

I know that the Body Shop sell their own gorgeous oil burners but I bought mine from The Reject Shop a while back. Tea light candles used for the burners can be purchased from almost anywhere, I bought mine in bulk from Target a few years back. Each tea light candle lasts around 4 hours.

I’ve tried home fragrance oils from a few places in the past but I always come back to The Body Shop. The scents are strong and smell gorgeous, and can generally be smelt across a few rooms in the house. My personal favorites are the strawberry  (sweet and fruity fragrance), pomegranate (fruity fragrance) and vanilla (comforting, floral fragrance) oils.

How to use the home fragrance oils:

  1. Fill the oil burner with water
  2. Add a few drops of the fragrance oil to the water
  3. Place the tea light candle in the oil burner


  1. Do not leave the oil burner unattended and do not let the water burn out
  2. Keep the oil burner away from items that can catch on fire and out of reach from children and pets

Pro’s of the home fragrance oil

  • It works out cheaper than candles in the long run (more cost effective)
  • Strong fragrance throw
  • Available in a variety of scents

Cons of the home fragrance oil

  • Availability of product in Australia

I highly recommend the Body Shop home fragrance oils if you haven’t already tried them! Some of the Body Shop overseas have the candles and reed diffusers, I’m really hoping that these make their way over to Australia soon 🙂

Have you tried fragrance oils? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

Fatima x

Eid ul Fitr 2014

Belated Eid Mubarak to all my muslim readers! I hope that everyone had a wonderful day ♥

For those of my readers who are unfamiliar with Eid, it’s a day of celebration that marks the end of our fasting month, Ramadaan.

This year was the first time in ages that I wasn’t busy with exams or studying so I was able to attempt baking. I don’t usually bake anything except cupcakes but figured that I have to start somewhere 🙂

Here’s what I baked for Eid:

Chocolate cake with maltesers

Chocolate cake with maltesers

Chocolate cake with mocha icing

Chocolate cake with mocha icing

Fresh cream sponge cake

Fresh cream sponge cake

Vanilla cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes

One of my eid gifts:

Eid gift

The scarf was custom made with my initials , I absolutely adore it 🙂

And finally, my outfit of the day:

Dress from Jeanswest, jewellery from Colette, scarf and clutch bag from South Africa My sister is on the right, her entire outfit is from South Africa

Dress from Jeanswest, jewellery from Colette, scarf and clutch bag from South Africa
My sister is on the right, her entire outfit is from South Africa

Thanks for reading!

Fatima x

[Review] Glade Candles

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I adore scented candles. I’m obsessed with gourmand candles (candles designed to smell dessert like or edible), with vanilla and caramel ones being my favorite.

Review Glade Candles

Glade Candles

Glade Candle Review

L-R: Hawaiian Breeze and Pomegranate & White Blossom

I’ve seen the Glade candles around Coles and Woolworths a million times, but have never picked them up because I kind of assumed that the quality wouldn’t be that great and that it would smell artificial.

Last week I was at The Reject Shop and saw a display of the Glade candles, I picked one up and it smelt AMAZING! I had to resist the urge to fill my entire basket with them because I still wasn’t sure about the quality so went home with just the ‘Hawaiian Breeze’ and the ‘Pomegranate & White Blossom’ candles.

The ‘Hawaiian Breeze’ is a beautiful mix of tropical fruits and pineapple, and burns for up to 30 hours. The candle is 113 grams.

The ‘Pomegranate & White Blossom’ candle has both floral and fruity notes, is 135 grams and burns for up to 30 hours.

The first thing I noticed with these candles is that it made my bedroom smell like some kind of tropical paradise even before I lit them. Once lit, the fragrance fills the room quickly. The fragrance is warm and relaxing rather than overwhelming and strong . Another thing I love about this product is that the candles jars don’t have ‘Glade’ labels on them so they look lovely sitting on my bedside table.

I picked these candles up for $4 each and it’s got to be the best $8 I’ve spent in a while. I’ve bought candles before that smelt wonderful in the store and then were a complete disappointment when lit, so I’m glad that the Glade candles didn’t fall in that category.

Obviously I will be making another trip to The Reject Shop to buy a few more of these candles 😉 I’ll also be checking out the complete range when I’m in Coles next.

What are your favourite candles?

Fatima x