[Empties] August to October 2015

Hi lovelies,

It’s been a few months since my last empties post so I have accumulated a fair bit of products since then that I can’t wait to share.

Full sized products

Full sized products

Full sized products

L’Oreal Ombre Kit (full review here)

This product is so easy to use, I actually used two boxes to get my desired color. I applied the first box for 40 minutes which is the maximum recommended time but it wasn’t as light as I wanted it to be. I bought the second box a few weeks later and reapplied it for another 40 minutes. It did dry my hair out which was to be expected, but it also came with an amazing shampoo/conditioner which helped repair my hair.

Repurchase? Yes, if I ever want to ombre my hair again.

L’Oreal Elvive Anti Breakage Repairing Shampoo

I really enjoyed using this shampoo, and felt that it did make my hair a bit softer and healthier.

Repurchase? No, I would like to try other brands first.

Byphasse Cotton Pads

I love these cotton pads sooo much, the price is really good and the quality is amazing. I tried looking for them in Chemist Warehouse the other week and couldn’t find it, and I also can’t find it on their website anymore. Note sure if they have stopped stocking the brand!

Repurchase: Yes, if I can find them again!

Rexona Classic Anti Antiperspirant deodorant

I don’t have too much to say on this product, I enjoy using it and it works for me.

Repurchase? Yes.

The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Lotion

I was really sad to reach the end of this, because it was a limited edition range purchased from a few years back. The scent was gorgeous and was so strong that it lasted for hours after. It also did a really great job at moisturising my skin.

Repurchase? Yes, if this range ever makes a reappearance.

MAC lashes

These lashes were gorgeous but are really expensive, I only ended up with them because I got my makeup done at MAC a while back and they’re only allowed to use MAC lashes if you want falsies as part of your look.

Repurchase? No.




  •  L’Oreal Revitalift – I was part of the trial for this. It made my skin very soft and smooth, I may purchase the full size cream.
  • Garnier Fructis Full & Luscious– This shampoo smelled AMAZING like my sister kept asking me why I smelled of lollies after I used this. I may look at purchasing this in the future.
  • L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil masque- This made my hair feel really sleek and healthy, I picked up a full sized product as part of my recent Priceline Haul.
  • L’Oreal Everpure Sulfate-free color care system- I loved that it is sulfate free, however I couldn’t tell a difference after using it on my hair. Probably will not purchase.
  • Colgate Plax- Will purchase a full size.
  • Vagisil wipes- I received these from Beauty Heaven, I’ve never used it down there and don’t feel the need to so will not purchase.
  • The Body Shop Oils of Life– This felt lovely on the skin, I may look at purchasing this in the future.

That’s it for this month, can’t wait to see what everyone else has used up this month 🙂 Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

Fatima x

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[Empties] February & March 2015


This month I finished my L’Oreal Elvive Smooth-Intense shampoo, which was absolutely fantastic. I’ve been using Herbal Essences shampoos for the last two years which I really loved because they smelled amazing and were affordable. My scalp was becoming increasing flaky and itchy though, which seems to have stopped once I switched to L’Oreal Elvive. My hair has also been a lot softer and healthier, this is a shampoo that I would definitely repurchase.

The Body Shop’s seaweed mattifying moisture lotion has been my morning face lotion for the past few months, it left my skin feeling so silky and my makeup sat really well on top of it. I’m a fan of the seaweed range in general, so would also repurchase this as it worked well on my skin and didn’t clog my pores. The only thing I would change about this product is perhaps a higher SPF, because SPF 15 just isn’t enough.

I’ve mentioned my love for both the Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream and the Byphasse cotton pads in this post. The Trilogy product is a thick and luxurious cream which is easily absorbed and smells really gorgeous, it left my skin super moisturized without making it oily or breakout. I can see why Trilogy get such amazing reviews, their products really are superior. The Byphasse cotton pads are affordable and remove my makeup without disintegrating, I will forever repurchase these unless I find a something better.

Lastly I went though a few sample products:

  • L’Oreal base magique
  • L’Oreal revitalift magic blur
  • Dr Lewinns day cream

I didn’t feel like the L’Oreal primer extended the wear of my makeup or made it look any better so I probably wouldn’t purchase the full sized product. The revitalift magic blur was okay, it was a one time sample so I couldn’t really decide if I liked it or not. The Dr Lewinns day cream was lovely, the sample size was generous and it felt good on my skin. I would have preferred it to have SPF in it though.

What products have you finished this month? x

[Haul] Chemist Warehouse

Hi guys!

A few months ago, Chemist Warehouse had a 50% off Maybelline offer and a $2 shipping offer going on at the same time. I ordered a few items and took the photo below with the intention of blogging about my haul, but never got down to it. However since I’ve been using the products I bought for the better part of winter and loving them, I figured that a review post was long overdue.

Chemist Warehouse haul

Chemist Warehouse haul

I’m probably the last person in the world to try the Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner but omg it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I find it super easy to apply, the color is dark black on application, it doesn’t fade or smudge during the day and can be removed easily. In other words, everything that I could ever want in a liquid eyeliner ♥

The Trilogy rosehip oil has been my absolute winter skin saviour. I’ve been applying it on most nights after I shower, my skin just soaks it in. You only need a few drops for your entire face, I learnt this the hard way! Although it hasn’t faded my blemishes much, my skin has been clear, soft and super hydrated.

The oil also came with the Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream, a thick and luxurious cream which is easily absorbed and smells really gorgeous. I always use the rosehip oil on it’s own (with no cream after) so on the nights that I don’t use the oil, I have been using this cream. Both Trilogy products have been working really well on my skin and have been lovely to use.

I’m in a love/hate relationship with the Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara. The mascara gives me huge awesome lashes but is complete pain to apply, the wand is massive and I keep getting product all over my eyelids. Not cool. I’ve been using this only on weekends now, when I have time to be really careful and not mess up my face completely. If anyone has any tips for using this mascara, do drop me a comment below!

I picked up the Byphasse cotton pads for around $4 and they’re doing a decent job of removing my makeup without disintegrating or turning fluffy like some other brands do. Will definitely be repurchasing.

Lastly I have been enjoying using the Garnier Clean Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Milk.  It does an excellent job of removing all my makeup with just one swipe, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily or dirty.

 I would repurchase all the items above except maybe the Maybelline Colossal Volume. And while we’re on the topic, how amazing is Chemist Warehouse in general?! The perfume prices are SO GOOD and I get most of my makeup at 50% off (which means I can buy even more makeup :P)

Have you tried any of the products reviewed above?

Fatima x