My MAC makeup appointment

A friend of mine got married recently so I decided to mix things up a bit and get my makeup professionally done at a counter. Most makeup counters are happy to give you a makeover if you purchase some of their products. I’ve had a mini makeover at the Benefit counter before and also at The Body Shop, but I chose MAC because I was already interested in buying the MAC studio fix foundation and a MAC nude lipstick.

Because the wedding was on a Saturday, I went in to Myer about three weeks before and made an appointment. Even though I thought I was booking really early, a lot of the sessions were already booked! I had to pay the full amount for my appointment upfront and they kept the receipt in their appointment book as proof of payment.

On the day of my appointment, I arrived around 10 minutes earlier than my appointment and had time to play around and test some of the cosmetics. I also didn’t wear any makeup because it was just going to be taken off anyway. I had my makeup done by the lovely Elona, who walked me through the kind of look I wanted, the colors I wanted to use and what the makeup was for. I had a general idea of the look I wanted: smokey eyes, nude lip and glowing skin with some contouring and highlighting. I really liked that Elona showed me every product she was going to use on me, and explained what it was for and how to apply it. She also included me when choosing the eye shadow, foundation and blush color so I didn’t end up with something I didn’t like. I had mentioned to her at the beginning of my appointment that I was interested in the Studio Fix Fluid so she used that on me.

After the appointment, she drew up my face chart so I could recreate the look at home, and products I wanted were redeemed against my appointment receipt. The appointment lasted for just over an hour and was $95 (redeemable in MAC products).

MAC face chart

MAC face chart

Tips for getting your makeup done at MAC

  • Book your appointment in advance.
  • Have an idea of the look you’re after. Take pictures to make explaining your look easier.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell the makeup artist what you like and’s your appointment after all šŸ™‚
  • Before your appointment, do a quick calculation of the products you’d like to buy and the cost to avoid spending too much on the day.
  • MAC artists are only allowed to apply MAC lashes on you. The cost of the lashes can be deducted from the $95.

Completed MAC look

Products I purchased from my appointment are listed below:

  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid
  • MAC lipstick in Hug Me (reviewed here)
  • MAC lashes

Getting my makeup done at MAC was super fun and I would definitely recommend it if you have a special occasion to attend.

Have you got your makeup done professionally before? Would love to hear your experiences!

Fatima x


  1. She did a really nice job….I always am afraid to get a makeup session done there because some of the girls I see look insane at the mall by me. The amount of makeup they were and the colors they choose are horrible. I know they have to wear a certain amount of products and I looove a lot of makeup but there Is a way to do it without it looking clownish. However, my friend who is an awesome makeup artist works for them as well but keeps it classy. You found a good one!!!

  2. I LOVE the look that you’ve got from the session. It is very nice and show a good use of multi-colouring technique!

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