MAC Technique: All Out Fabulous

You get bloggers who go to events and are home with a post up within a few hours and then you get me, who goes to an event, takes pictures and then blogs about it four months later πŸ™‚ I’ve really been wanting to share my MAC Technique experience, especially because I attended the 60 minute MAC makeover prior to that so had something to compare the class to.

From the MAC website:

MAC Technique- Artists reveal their tips and techniques in workshops for all ages, all races, all sexes. Minimum 8 guests. $120

MAC Techniques

MAC Techniques haul

I booked for the class about a month in advance, because I was told that the classes are sometimes booked out early. I had to pay the full amount upfront which would be redeemable for products on the day.

The event started at 5.30 pm, after store hours, and we arrived to see a table out for us, complete with snacks and water. Each seat had a file which detailed some key looks and had space to make notes. There were around 12 girls who attended the class, and 6 MAC artists present.

The first hour and a half of the workshop was watching two MAC artists creating their all out fabulous looks on models. We could ask questions in between, and they passed around products as they used it so we could get a look and feel of what they were using.

MAC Techniques

MAC artist creating a Melbourne Cup look on her model

MAC Techniques

Melbourne Cup look created by the second MAC artist

MAC Techniques

Finished look! The girls were more than happy for us to take pictures to recreate the look later.

In the second part of the workshop, we were into groups (roughly two girls to one makeup artist). We could experiment with looks, play with the makeup, ask for help from the artists and decide on the products we wanted to buy. The last part went REALLY fast, with everyone testing products and talking and paying for their products.

Overall thoughts

MAC Techniques is a fun way of learning about MAC products, and it was awesome getting to play around with MAC products after hours. In terms of teaching you how to apply makeup, I found it difficult to follow two artists at once and also felt that it was more a demonstration of how to use some MAC products. I enjoyed the class and the girls were lovely but I probably wouldn’t attend one again. I’ll be more likely to do the MAC makeover again (read about my experience here) because I loved the one on one attention, and that products recommended was customized to my skin shade and preferences.

My haul πŸ™‚

MAC Techniques haul

MAC Techniques haul

MAC Techniques haul

MAC Techniques haul: Studio Fix foundation, Studio Fix powder & MAC lipstick in ‘Brave’

Have you attended a MAC class before? Would love to hear your thoughts! x



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