[Review] L’Oreal Ombre Kit for light brown/dark brown hair

L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombres Dip Dye Hair Kit No. 1

L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombres Dip Dye Hair Kit No. 1

Ombre hair is one of those things that I have always adored, there’s just something about how effortlessly gorgeous and carefree it looks that appeals to me.  There are absolutely no rules for ombre which I love, you can basically go as creative, messy, glamorous or fierce as you like.

At the beginning of the year I picked up the L’Oreal Ombre Kit but then got my hair highlighted at a salon.  The kit has been sitting in my stash since then so I decided to try it out on my younger sister who’s been wanting to ombre her hair for ages.

The L’Oreal kit included  instructions, a mixing bottle with developing cream, a packet of bleaching powder, a tube of lightening cream, a tube of conditioning shampoo and a patented applicator brush that made things SO EASY.

For my sister’s hair, I chose to hold the brush vertically and apply the dye, which is supposed to give a more subtle and natural looking color. Based on the L’Oreal Ombre tutorial I watched, holding the brush horizontally would have given a more intense and dramatic look with a stark contrast between the top and bottom layer of hair. You can also do a highlighted ombre look, where you only cover alternate sections of hair.

The recommended time on the box said 25 to 45 minutes, we left hers on for 35 minutes because I was afraid of her hair turning too blonde.


The final result was pretty awesome, she loves her new hair and hasn’t complained of it turning to straw yet 😉 The kit was SUPER EASY to use and it’s really hard to mess up.

I’m still considering an ombre for myself, if I ever take the plunge..you’ll hear it first here ♥

Fatima xx


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