[Review] Victoria’s Secret In Paradise Gift Set

Victoria's Secret In Paradise Gift Set

Victoria’s Secret In Paradise Gift Set

A few months back, I visited the Victoria’s Secret store at Perth Domestic Airport and fell in love with the body mists. The Coconut Passion was my absolute favorite,  being the perfect mix of coconut and creamy vanilla. I thought I’d stop at VS again after my flight back but the store was closed, so I ended up purchasing this from Ozsale.

The In Paradise Gift Set features the body mists and lotions from three VS Secret Garden Collections. Love Spell is one of Victoria’s Secrets best sellers and is a lush combination of  peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine.  Pure Seduction is a seductive mix of melon, plum and freesia while Such A Flirt features fragrance notes of carambola (star fruit) and orchid.

Victoria's Secret In Paradise Gift Set


Victoria's Secret In Paradise Gift Set




The mini bottles are the cutest little things ever, I find the packaging so lovely and so much better than the average plastic mist bottle. The mini bottles make the body mists perfectly sized for carrying around during the day. I’ve been using my mists a fair bit and they barely look used so I think that they would last a long time.

All three fragrances in the gift set can be spritzed on for a lighter or heavier scent, depending on your preference. I recommend going lighter- the sprays are really sweet smelling so could be a bit overbearing for others if you go overboard. I spray mine in the morning and the scent is usually still lingering 3 to 4 hours later. Layering them over the matching body lotion also helps the scent to last longer.

I’m really loving the VS body mists, I find myself reaching for them on more relaxed days when wearing a perfume would be too heavy. The only issue I have with Victoria’s Secret is the availability ;unless I’m flying, I don’t really have access to the store at Perth Airport.

Victoria’s Secret sales comes up often on Ozsale but I won’t be buying from there again.  I placed the VS order and waited six weeks before being told that the Coconut Passion mist ordered was unavailable. I received my order (minus the Coconut Passion mist) a few weeks later only to find that the scents in the gift set were different from the ones advertised on the site. Overall, it was a really frustrating experience and their customer service was awful.

On the plus side, it looks like Victoria’s Secret is set to open in Sydney (based on a Vogue article). If that happens, we could possibly end up with a Perth store in the future 😉

Have you tried any of the VS products before? x



  1. OMG I had the same thing happen with VS fragrances on Ozsale! I waited six weeks, gave up and got a refund after a lot of yelling and tantrum-throwing. Ozsale has never been a fun experience for me, it’s always weeks of waiting and unexpectedly missing items, frustrating when you order more to make postage worthwhile and one item turns up. The same fragrances popped up for the same price on either Catch of the Day or Grocery Run (not sure which), and arrived within five days! oh p.s. I’m catn2kittens from BH 🙂

    1. Good to know I’m not the only one with that experience, their customer service is appalling! I mentioned the postage thing to them and they gave me a standard response saying that’s how their business is structured.
      Will keep an eye out for VS on COTD or Grocery Run, thanks!

  2. I have not tried any of the mist from VS as of yet but have seen them on ozsale and let me tell they r the worse when it comes to customer service I’ll nvr ever shop from ozsale😔

  3. It’s very frustrating when you do not have a physical store in your city of a brand you love. I am suffering majorly because we do not have Lush in Oman. We have VS but it isn’t that great here. We don’t have Sephora, Urban Decay, Nars, Topshop or any such great brands especially H&M home. It’s so annoying because they don’t even ship to the middle east.
    I think you and I use our products the same way. I haven’t heard anyone say their products lasting them 2 years or so other than you and I. Wow.

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