[Review] Flash by Jimmy Choo



A few months ago I was lucky enough to receive the Flash by Jimmy Choo perfume from a friend. The perfume smelled gorgeous and it’s so luxurious that I save it for special days only 🙂

Flash is constructed as a fragrance which accentuates delicate white flower notes with a hint of spices and fruit. Top notes encompass passionate strawberry combined with tangerine and pink pepper adding exciting and cheerful note to white floral notes in the heart. The white bouquet is composed of tuberose, jasmine and white lily on a base of heliotrope and blond wood.

Aim of the creator was to introduce the unique accessory which will be as desirable as Jimmy Choo shoes or Jimmy Choo purse. The flacon is created to accentuate games of light and colored in pale purple color. Photos of the advertising campaign were taken by Steven Meisel, and advertising face of the new perfume is Natasha Poly Flash was launched in 2013.

The packaging

The perfume box is white in color and covered with fine glitter. The glitter is meant to represent a million paparazzi flashbulbs. The perfume comes in a beautiful crystal bottle which is embossed with studs. The bottle has a large crystal lid with silver lining and the perfume itself is lilac.

Fragrance notes

Top notes: Strawberry, pink pepper, tangerine

Middle notes: Tuberose, jasmine, white lily

Base notes: White wood, heliotrope

My thoughts

I would describe this scent as strong and floral. The perfume is feminine and makes me feel really sophisticated when I wear it 🙂 I adore the packaging and the way it’s meant to represent lights you would see in a night club or photo shoot.

If you love a floral and bold fragrance, definitely give Flash a try. It’s sweet without being sickening sweet and something different.



  1. This fragrance seems like it’s right down my alley. I’m after a strong, floral perfume. I like a perfume that gets noticed 🙂

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