[Review] Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember that I reviewed Wonderstruck Enchanted back in January. I love Wonderstruck Enchanted and couldn’t wait to add the original Wonderstruck perfume to my collection.

Wonderstruck was launched back in 2011 so it’s an old perfume. However if you love sweet smelling fragrances and have yet to try this one, keep reading this review (:


Perfume background

Wonderstruck is the first fragrance from the young American pop – country singerTaylor Swift, launched in cooperation with the cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden. The perfume is created by Olivier Gillotin of Givaudan.

Wonderstruck is named after the lyrics from the song “Enchanted”: “I’mwonderstruck, blushing all the way home,” which tell about the feeling and the impression you get when you first meet someone you like. Taylor hopes that her fragrance will be an essential part of many impressions and first meetings.


The packaging

The perfume comes in a gorgeous purple, round iridescent bottle. Around the golden bottle neck are three antique charms; a birdcage, a dove and a star. The bottle is perfect, I’m in love with it.


Fragrance notes

Top notes: Freesia, tea, blackberry, raspberry, apple blossom

Middle notes: Vanilla, honeysuckle, hibiscus

Base notes: Musk, sandalwood, amber, peach

My thoughts

This perfume smells fruity and sweet on initial spray, then evolves into a more delicious scent as the sweet vanilla and honeysuckle come through. After a few hours it just smells like vanilla, which is my absolute favorite.

This perfume is my current favourite. I found that it doesn’t last as long as Wonderstruck Enchanted, the smell of this one disappears after about six hours. I made a few of my family members test both Wonderstruck perfumes, my parents loved the Wonderstruck Enchanted while both my brothers preferred the original Wonderstruck. I have a hard time deciding, I love both and they’re extremely different. Wonderstruck is a more sweet and girly fragrance while Wonderstruck Enchanted in a more mature and delicious perfume. If you’re in Myer, test them out on those cards. I did that and was amazed at how different the scent smelled at the end of the week, compared to the first day I sprayed the cards.

Overall, I would recommend this perfume if you love sweet fragrances or if you want to spoil a young teenage girl. Myer always has some great offers on giftsets for this perfume, and Chemist Warehouse had it going for $30 (100 ml EDP) recently.

Have you tried Wonderstruck? What are your thoughts?


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