[Haul] Online Shopping

I ordered some items from Cherry Culture , iHerb and Sleek makeup a few weeks back and they arrived last week so I thought that I’d do a quick post on what I bought.


Cherry Culture

  • Ardell Demi Wispies false lashes
  • Ardell LashGrip glue for false lashes
  • LA Girl Pro Concealer in Honey
  • LA Girl Pro Concealer in Fawn

I’ve been wanting to try false lashes for ages and the Demi Wispies kept coming up with good reviews so I decided to give them a try. The LA Girl Pro Concealers were only $2.50 so I ordered two shades, Honey and Fawn, which were the shades recommended by other bloggers with a NC 44 skin tone. I will probably be doing a review on them once I start using them to see if they really are as good as the higher end brands, like some people claim. Keep a look out for that! Shipping costs for my Cherry Culture order were around $13 (more than my total order cost!)  and I received my order after three weeks.

Sleek Makeup

  • Contour Kit in Medium
  • Blush in Rose Gold

Nothing more needs to be said on the contour kit as I’m sure every blogger has heard at least something good about this product. I played around with this kit this morning and to be honest I think I was using the wrong brush. If anyone has any brush recommendations or tips, do let me know (:  The blush in rose gold is a beautiful pink and would suit most skin tones in my opinion. I will be doing swatches on the Sleek products soon! Shipping on my Sleek order was just $2.50 (SCORE!!) and my order was delivered after three weeks.


  • Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I’ve started using this brush and it is absolutely AMAZING!! It’s definitely worth the hype that it’s been getting. I love how it makes blending so easy and gives the foundation such a flawless finish.

If you’re ordering off iHerb for the first time, don’t forget to claim your $5 discount using the code GPN525. For orders over $40, the discount is $10. I paid $4 for the brush after receiving my discount, and the shipping cost was $4. I really didn’t mind waiting the three weeks for my order to reach me.

And that’s it!! I think I definitely need a spending ban after these last few hauls. No more shopping for this girl 🙂 I’m just going to be finishing up what I already have.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?


  1. Omg!! I have most of these products and I absolutely adore them haha. Can’t wait to see what you think of Rose Gold 🙂 also the concealer is awesome, SO CHEAP and works really well! And Ardell demi wispies are the best lashes ever, they are my HG lashes 🙂

    1. Haha these are definitely some of the popular items among beauty bloggers 🙂 Rose Gold is such a gorgeous color and so pigmented! Your swatches were great so glad I picked it up xx

  2. I really want to order some skincare from iherb, but 3 weeks would be too long for me to wait. It kills me waiting a week when I buy things online LOL.

    1. Depends on where you’re staying I guess, another blogger got her iHerb in just four days with normal delivery 🙂 I don’t mind three weeks but anything longer than a month makes me really impatient.

  3. yay you got the real techniques brush! I need to start ordering my brushes from iherb, its so much cheaper than going to priceline to get them by the looks of things!

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