[Tag] What’s on my bed side table

Last week Varinder from MAKE UP ME AND YOYO tagged me in a post she created called “What’s on my bed side table”. Her post was an overview of what she keeps on her bedside table and her night time routine. The tag looked really fun so today I’m sharing pictures of what my bedside tables look like.

What's on my bedside table tag

What’s on my bed side table tag

Bedside table #1:

  • Coaster for the million cups of coffee that I drink
  • A scented candle
  • Lamp for when I wake up at 3am and I’m scared to walk to the bathroom in the dark
  • Magazines like Good Health or Women’s Health because the articles are fantastic
  • Body Shop born lippy lip balm in Raspberry which smells absolutely amazing
  • Mor hand cream in Marshmallow (reviewed here) for when my hand’s feel dry
  • BioNike Defence B-Lucent, the only product that actually helps fade my dark spots
  • The Body Shop tea tree oil to soothe and heal any blemishes

I have two bed side tables in my room, with the one on the right side of the bed being the main table. I hate having clutter on it so during the day, it only has a lamp, candle and coaster on it. In the evenings I have a magazine there, I’m reading the April issue of Good Health at the moment. I’ve also included the products I use just before going to bed every night in the picture above.

What's on my bed side table

What’s on my bed side table

Bedside table #2:

This is mostly used as a place to store my handbag on but I picked up recipe books from the library and wanted them where I could access them easily.

Thank you Varinder for tagging me! I’m tagging everyone who reads this post, don’t forget to leave a link below if you’ve done the tag so I can check out your post 🙂

Fatima x



  1. Your table is nice and clean 😃 and how good is that mor hand cream I used to have one in a tub it was a present and it lasted forever ,,,how’s that body shop tea tree oil btw?
    Thanks for the doing the tag nice to see what everyone is keeping in there BST

  2. love this idea for a post! I love how you have all your books on the bedside table. Mine looks like that on the best of days. Usually its quiet messy though! I might give this post a try if i have some time! xx

  3. Such a lovely post. I am shifting to a new house tomorrow and it will take us some time to get the internet connection sorted, but as soon as my room is done and i have an internet connection, i am doing this tag. Its adorable as i am a huge bedside table fan. 😀

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