Mini Beautorium Haul [April 2014]

Beautorium Haul April 2014

Beautorium Haul April 2014


I received my Beautorium order on Tuesday, after two weeks of me coming home asking “has it arrived yet??”  ♥

For my non Aussie followers, Beautorium is an event held by my favourite beauty website, Beauty Heaven. Beauty Heaven is awesome because it rewards members loyalty points for participating in a range of activities across the site such as posting reviews and comments. Beautorium is an event held by Beautyheaven which allows members to redeem their loyalty points for beauty products.

I placed my order on the last day of Beautorium (21 April) and received my order on Tuesday  (6 May). My products were packaged neatly and nothing was damaged so I was thrilled (:

Here’s what I scored:

SkinB5 Acne Control Cleansing Mousse (345 points)– I love cleansers which come in a pump bottle and foam up and my current cleanser is just about finishing so I ordered this. It has a 5 star rating on BH (based on 5 reviews) so I’m looking forward to using this mousse.

Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator – Angel Mist (225 points)- I’ve been wanting an illuminator for ages and never got down to buying one so was pretty happy to see this offered (:

I had my eye on the Kosmea Replenshing Moisture Cream and the People for Plants Night Cream but in the end I decided to save the rest of my points for the next beautorium.

And like that wasn’t already good enough, BH threw in some freebies..

  • Lapurete Okuru Facial and Toner
  • Lady Jayne Digital Romance Hair Ties
  • Glameyes Miranda Lashes

I didn’t receive the Vagisil Feminine Wash and Lapurete Night Cream sample which others received probably  because I placed my order in late. I was lucky to still receive the three items above! BH are always generous with their freebies and this beautorium was no different.

This was my first beautorium and I can definitely see what the hype on the BH forums for beautorium has been about. I paid $4.95 for shipping and received everything else just by redeeming points! The whole experience was positive and I can’t wait to participate in the next beautorium.

What did you order from Beautorium? x


  1. Would love to hear what you think of the FOA illuminator, I have all 4 of them so that must tell you that they’re pretty good haha 😀 also I totally agree about how generous they are, its so nice to open up a package and have a whole bunch of goodies 🙂

    1. I was undecided about getting it because I haven’t tried FOA before but then I read your BH review 🙂 Looking forward to using it! Can’t wait to see your haul xx

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